Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder

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I have an old Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder that work fine and I want to use it as a webcam.  I already have a video-capture software and hardware installed (USB2 Video Capture by Star-Tech).
My problem is that my camcorder does reset itsefl to off automaticaly after a few minutes on ON position.  Does somebody know how to bypass this "timing" auto-off system on my cam?
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Re: Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder
put a tape in it and record?

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Re: Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder
Is this with or without a tape in?
I ask because most tape based camcorders I have used "time out" if there is a tape left in them.
This saves the heads from running against the same piece of tape constantly.

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Re: Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder
I'd say that it's shutting off due to a tape being in and not put into record mode.
Best is to have no tape, second best, a tape but in record (kind of pointless if option 1 works)
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Re: Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder
Usually if the tape door was not shut the Cam would not switch off.  This would let you record for as long as you like.  Remember to cover the tape door to keep dirt out.

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Re: Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder
My first camera, Panasonic S7, always turned off after 5 mins, even with no tape in. I mean, well obviously that it didn't turn off while recording, but it had a fixed "shut-off when idle" mode.

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Re: Panasonic AG-450 Reporter S-VHS camcorder

Harry is correct leave the door open and it wont shut off or...can you still get a pic when in vtr mode that usually works too!