Panasonic AV output disabled when in Media Player

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Panasonic TV model TVL-32E30B

When I select "USB" from the AV menu, I get the displayed message:


Signal output from all AV terminals will be disabled during Media Player view.

Press OK to proceed.

Press EXIT to return to TV viewing.


I can see that there is some merit in this to prevent breach of copyright relating to commercial recordings, but all I have on the attached HDD are copies of camcorder footage of holidays and days out. There is no copyright involved as far as I am concerned, neither is there going to be.

Is there any way to get into and tweak the set's control system, and if so how? I would like to be able to take the decoded output from the TV to a distribution facility so the footage can be seen on other sets in the house.

I recall that in the early 2000s it was possible to do something similar to European market camcorders (Sony in particular) to render them capable of recording edited footage back onto tape via their AV or DV sockets. Has some enterprising soul done a similar hack on Panasonic TV sets?

I have no interest in defeating copyright protection on commercial recordings. If I want a commercial recording I just go out and buy it.