Panasonic BWT720 conundrum

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Jim Blacklock
Joined: Apr 29 2001
Recently bought the Panasonic BWT720 and absolutely delighted with it but have one problem which is quite puzzling.
The box has wi-fi built in and I should be able to access my computer from it but am unable to do so but can't see why.
If i go through the process, Function/Network/Home Network (DNLA Client), it brings up the name of my computer(saying, Servers found on this network are displayed). When I press okay to connect I get the message "Could not connect to the Server (Please confirm network connection & settings)"
If I then do that - Set up/easy network setting, it comes back with current setting - wireless, current status - connected.
The network connection test shows
wireless setting - pass
IP address setting - pass
connection to gateway - pass
connection the the internet - pass
Internet functions are available.
So it says that everything is connected and good but when, as above, I try to make a connection, it fails.