Panasonic NV-S70 S-VHS-C camera repair

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Peter Tomkies
Joined: Apr 26 1999

Does anyone know what the F01 error mesage is on a Panasonic NV-S70 S-VHS-C camcorder means? The symptoms are the machine chundering away when closing the cassette door and ultimately failing to recognise that a tape is present. Upon opening the cassette door one is unpleasantly surprised to find that the machine has managed to extract a length of tape out of the cassette in its exertions (but not bothered to put the tape back after it finished). Any users who know of a good/Panasonic-registered repairer in the Manchester/Leeds/Bristol areas please step forward with more details. Guess fate thinks it's time I went digital...

Joined: Oct 31 2000

Did you ever solve this problem, because I have a similar problem with my Panasonic NV DS8, only I am getting error codes F02 and F03 and the cassette compartment will not open

Cheers Tel