Panasonic video camera got damp

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 My Panasonic NV-MX350B
switches itself off after a minute or two when I put it in Camera/record mode.  When its on it records Ok . I no longer goes to VCR mode.
This camera worked fine untill I put it in storage and it may have gotten damp. If dampness would explain these symptoms then I guess I am looking for a way to dry it out. 

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Re: Panasonic video camera got damp

Hi Declan

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I suggest drying your camcorder out slowly, just place it near to a warm radiator for a day or so, with every thing open to allow any moisture to evaporate

I see from this unrelated post there's a re-set button for your Panny, it may be worth a reset?

Good luck

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Re: Panasonic video camera got damp

it's a DV camera so VERY important that you don't try to wrap a tape if the camera says it's too damp or humid. You'll strip the heads.

 Like john says, allow all the moisture to dry off. If you have silica jell that can help, you used to be able big bags from flower arranging suppliers to dry flowers.

I bought a 1kg (?) bag from Boots years ago. If you can get silica, put the whole thing in a sealable plastic bag and the silica sucks the water out of the camera.

DO NOT OPEN THE SILICA BAG! I heard of someone who misunderstood and poured the loose silica into a camera

allegedly you can do the same with a paper bag full of rice