"PCI Board not detected" on opening Prem 6.0

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I've just installed DV.AV.Now and Adobe prem 6.0.

all devices recognised - although not under IE3944 folder - and assigned to IRQ 5. Board in PCI slot 1 next to GeForce MX2 AGP

Capture, preview and replay work OK in Fast.forward and Premiere 6 BUT every time I open Premiere it comes up with the message "PCI Board not detected".

In addition it sometimes opens then keeps that countdown thing running indefinitely - CTRL-ALT-DEL shown Accrord.exe (I think) not responding. If I end this program Premiere starts reponding and seems to work OK.

Incidentally I got exactly the same thing (but no video capture working) with a Pinnacle DV500 plus which was returned in exchange for this.

- Dell dimension 8100, 128MG, P4 1.4Ghz, GeForce MX2 32MB AGP, Win ME, SoftModem on PCI4 and 3COM NIC on PCI5, PCI 2 & 3 empty. Prem 6.0 with latest update. Fast.forward 1.5 with Service Pack 1 installed.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Make sure you follow installation instructions exactly. Windows tries to automaticall load drivers after you install the card. You're supposed to click no. (I dont know if WindowsME gives you this option). After you click no twice. Then instalkl the dv software. I think. I read another WIndows ME post that had a possible solution.