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I couple years ago, I purchased PhotoDV software and capture card from Digial Origin (formerly Radius). Now I am looking into upgrading to capturing video, and have a few questions.

1). What happened to Digital Origin - all the links I
find (including those on your own websire) are dead.

2). I bought Dazzle DV editing software, but it does not recognize my previous Digital Origin capture card
- Do you know if this is because the capture card came with PhotoDV and is only for still impages, or do I need new drivers from somewhere, or some other general
incompatability problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Which Dazzle DV editing software did you buy? If it is, you should use the capture card that was included with it, not a Digital Origin card. The software is not OHCI compliant so it will not work with any DV card.
If you have any other Dazzle product than, please use the forum that is dedicated to those other products -

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Digital Origin was taken over by Media100, and its top editing program, EditDV, now has added internet-video-creation capabilities and goes under the name of CineStream 3.

If you go to the Digital Origin site - - you'll find that this is branded Media100.

The card that came with Digital Origin software - whether PhotDV or EditDV was a non-standard card and could only be used with Digital Origin's own software - which was no bad thing, because it was a good card and the pairing of DO card and DO software worked well.

So, if you want to use FAST's software, use the card that came with it, and if you want to use the DO card for editing moving video, you'll need to buy CineStream 3 - the upgrade price from PhotoDV at Media100's site is $399.00, plus (I guess, shipping and VAT).

Bob C