Picture in picture in AVID with colour change?

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I'm trying to set up a shot where by the screen shows two different video clips playing at the same time. I can achieve this using BORIS FX and resizing the two clips.

What I want though is one clip to be black and white (or affected by a colour image)

I can't work out how to achieve this as I seem to be unable to add BORIS FX and a colour change effect at the same time.

Suggestions welcome as always

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I don't know your software but I use Avid Liquid and I use 2 PIP's quite frequently with a speaker on the left one third of the screen and the action on the right two thirds. For the speaker I position the face in the left of it's screen and use the 'crop tool' to cut off anything say to the right. Then I crop the main picture on the left so there is a thin black bar separating the two pics. They can both be individually treated for colour and so on - one is mounted over the other on the timeline and because the top one is only appearing on the left of the frame and the other is appearing on the right they appear as two moving PIP's. Maybe, just maybe you are seeing potential complications when it is fairly straightforward. Good luck, email me if you want anything further.

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It's possible, because I've done it before... but that was a couple of years ago so I've forgotten how. You may have to add the color effect first, then collapse the clip, then add the picture-in-picture effect on top.

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Thanks !


Just tried that method and that seems to have cracked it. The collapse feature proves very useful for this .


(Never paid much attention to that feature and now I know what it does... how exciting)