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Hi Guys,
Iv'e got a super sony cinema surround system (Na Na). I'm about to start cutting DVD's for it, and I want to get the sound to pan in all directions. Like SDDS at the cinema.

Any plug suggestions for AE, Prem or FCPro?

Sound freaks, please no stand alone programes like cubabase, or such like.

Regards, Lou



Hi Lou

What system are you making DVD's on, are you MAC based? The systems I have seen for Dolby Digital are software encoders which take six wave files and output a DTS or AC3 encoded wave. If you think about it expecting premier to do Dolby Digital is a bit like trying to edit a movie in Cubase. Maybe Vegas Video which supports DirectX plugins would be worth a look.


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Hi Rob,
that's why I say about to cut DVD's. I'm still waiting for my new G4. And apple are being a bit coy about what will work on the software. Pleanty of promises, but not much proof.

When I posted I had thought that the answer to this posting would be in the DVD software, but meanwhile as we have a full stero tape deck I wanted to experiment with the sound on tape first.

I mean lets face it, FCPro & After Effects should be able to cope with it.

Regards, Lou

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I think DVD studio pro will let you creat a 5 channel sound track. I should work closly with FCP.

Tell us how you get on. I would like to know how good this superdrive is.