Poetry is NOT Motion!

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I am enjoying an awful day of using Motion (v4). Has anyone else used this for any complex projects? I usually use AE for complex stuff and love Motion for simple titling and the odd bit of graphics as inserts in a piece etc. However, I have just (and still am in the process of) undertaken a project that used Motion for its entirety and it has been ghastly!

It seems that the software drugs the computer so that, whilst it starts off screaming along, after a couple of hours every single action results in several minutes of beach-ball. Rebooting sorts it out again for a short while, then it's back to crashes and sluggishness. Is this a common problem? Can Motion ever stand up to serious demands?

I am on a 6 core 3.33GHz MacPro, with GTX285, 12GB RAM and fast RAIDs providing the media. Anyone know what I could do to rectify this?

Frustrated beyond measure,