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A mate offered me a job which I can't accommodate, so I said that I'd post it here.

I have little info so far but I thought that I'd post something to see if anybody was able to help.

It's a three? day event to be recorded for DVD. He'd do the post production, you'd provide the media. I'll base this on the same similar job that we did a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of EX quality cameras running a (possible) mix to monitors supplied by the venue.
The output could be recorded to DVCam or iso on the EXs. The venue take care of the Audio, you should get a feed from them. The event is people making speeches/presentations. Pretty simple conference type work.

drop me a line and I'll pass your details on to him

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Sent you a PM

Stephen Carter

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did you get sorted at all? i maybe able to assist. lots of experience in what you have described.
let me know