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i hutt
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I have an SGI 540 quad processor either running NT4 SP6a or Win2000 Pro. The firewire ports on this machine are non functional and the alternate SGI supplied solution of a Digital Origin MotoDV board is not OHCI compliant so will not run Premiere 6.

I have been recommended the DV Now (non AV)products as being compatible with this machine but, it would be really nice to have AV in/out in addition to that already onboard the SGI. Either the DV Bridge unit or the DV Now-AV products appeal but I am unsure of the compatibility of the AV version of the card in this machine as it specifies 3 PCI slots plus AGP. I have 6 PCI slots, 3 of which are 64 bit and no AGP and onboard graphics. What are the difference requirements between the AV and non AV versions of DV-Now as the non AV version does apparently work with this machine?

Also, side topic, does the Dazzle DV Bridge support simultaneous DV to Analogue/Analogue to DV? - or atleast not require leads to be unplugged when swapping modes?



From the FAQ...
8) The system requirements say I need a motherboard with 3 PCI slots and an AGP slot. Why is this necessary?

The motherboard should have at least three PCI slots in order for to have its own IRQ.
It is recommended to use an AGP graphics card. Try not to use a motherboard with an on-board graphics chip.

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If your DV camera has DV in and analogue out connections, then you only need the cheaper DV Now lite. as you send the files back from your PC to the camera it will also go via the analogue leads to your VCR/TV

i hutt
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Although I already have Premiere 5.1, its actually cheaper to buy DV Now (when it included Premiere 6) than to get the lite version and upgrade my existing copy. Plus I also get a DVD authoring package as part of the package.

Im looking at the AV solution, or the DV Bridge as I also work quite alot with analogue. Whilst the SGI 540 can capture uncompressed analogue, it takes up alot of disk space. I guess im looking for a flexible solution that is the best of both worlds. My camera won't convert analogue to DV on the fly.