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I've added email notifications and a growl notification on the site. It should be much easier to use the PM system now as messages sent via it will not be so easily missed.
Please comment if it is working / not working for you.
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Re: Private Message Notifications
Hi Tom
I just received your email
The popup was alive when I logged in, although I would have been happy with Private Message (1)
A bit too large. overlapping the forum and too much in your face for me personally, this doesn't mean I am not grateful for your hard work. No one could miss any future private messages, that's for sure wink
Cheers and thank you for your efforts

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Re: Private Message Notifications
yes i agree the popup is quite obtrusive, i might try and configure it a bit more.
personally i need something quite "in the face" to get me to look at PMs! I'm really rubbish at reading them and would miss them if it was just a Private Message (1) 

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