Problem with red parts of the video

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Joined: Jul 5 2007

Whilst capturing and editing with premiere pro, I have encountered a problem everytime something bright red is in the video. It appears all pixelated over that area.
Any ideas if i've got a setting wrong or how I can correct this?
Thank you.

Dave R Smith
Joined: May 10 2005

Hi Craig,

I assume there are no filters/effects on the clip concerned (like broadcast colo(u)rs).

I haven't a clue but can you confirm this happens with only one clip present at that point in the timeline, and opacity is 100%.

Can you play the same red bit in say windows media player without pixelation - so we know it's pp that's odd - not the source media.

Does the red pixelation only happen in playback - or is it there when cusrsor is stationary.

Is the content (DV?) of the same type as the project (DV) - or is it media that has red line above timeline - indicating rendering will be required.

Are you viewing on CRT monitor/pc monitor - or other, maybe external monitor - as CRT's /broadcast systems have a problem with pure red (255).