problem with sound record when copy video to tape

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I am using studioDV card, I have create a video that ok when played back on the computer. The problem start when I try to record to tape. The sound gets distord and picture seem to slow down on some frames. Any Ideas???

PS. I have go a panosonic DS77 that has DV-in enabled.

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You wouldn't by any chance have an Athlon or VIA chipset in your unspecified PC?
Have a look at my thread on Athlons, the general gist is that all background tasks have to be removed - Taskmanager (Cntrl Alt Del once) can help but look into MSCONFIG.exe, basically all you need is systray and explorer. Oh if that were all there is to it.
Check DMA in control panel / system / device manager / Hard drives / properties
Start looking for all the right updates - VIA was up to 4.25 (if you have a VIA chipset) SDV is up to 1.1 (1.05a is the release version and cures a lot but not all)
Your video card drivers should be upgraded and possibly DirectX 7. In SDV test your HDD throughput (its in there somewhere), if less than 10 M/s look for ways of speed-up, even if greater also!. Do you have a second HDD just for Video? Yes it is essential, a second partition on main drive is no good.
Lastly if you got this far you should surf the Pinnacle sight - it is an eye-opener. Plenty (lots) of self help but not much wearing a pinnacle badge!
Good luck, this is a roller coaster you are on!
Oh there is one other thing, there is an audio gain from tape to tape (bad programming) so turn down the volume inSDV timeline. AND capturing everything at high resolution reaps benefits also. these are easy wheezes but they don't cure everything.

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