Problem at viewing on the TV

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Help me with monitoring. When I connect a cable from card FAST AV to the TV I see the image but with handicapes and strips is transparent white and violet color. I already tried to reinstall many times a card and to change fresh the driver. Nothing helps. Video a card at me costs GeForce FX-5600.
System WindowsXP Proffesional .The problem in what that the friend can?
How мен to act further?
See on a site as it looks Problems

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Fast DV.Now basic - is that " AV" or " Lite" or ""?

I do not understand what you are seeing onthe screen. Is it an imge with purple and white stripes overlaying it, or something else?

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check your av cables, tune your tv in, make sure you using correct input source (pal, secam), problem not with dv card or software, but external (cabling, tv, vcr)