Problems in Reinstallation of Dazzle DV 80

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I am posting this to seek resolution to my following problem. Hope one of the forum members may give me the solution.

I bought the Dazzle DV 80 from eBay by sending money order to the seller in USA. It arrived with every thing including the original box except the serial # which had been torned off by the seller! I felt I have been cheated (and my advice to all friends buying from eBay is to make sure to seek the serial #/ key # of the software if at all they decide to buy from there. And keep the print out of the final bid of yours which gets accepted just in case you may get cheated like I have been!!!!) on not getting the crucial element of the item I had purchased!!!!

Through web search I was able to locate a "serial #" which enabled me to install it on my system

Unfortunately, my system crashed and the old installation is no more. When I tried installing it now with the "serial #" I got from web, I can not install it. It does not recognizes the key!

I seek help from the forum members to kindly let me know how to overcome this and reinstall. Or share some keys which may be used to reinstall the software.

Looking forward to feedback from members.

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This forum discussion is mainly centered on the FAST Multimedia (later Dazzle) product AV. Not sure if there are any Dazzle DV 80 users here. However, you might find some help at the PinnacleSys web site or their support section.

If you have the seller's name, it may be in Pinnacle's registration database, and you might be able to get it reactivated as well. The seller may have used the product as the basis for a lower cost upgrade to a different product (which often requires the serial number of the product beign upgraded), before he sold it.