Programmes on other than Drive C

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Peter Stedman
Joined: Oct 30 2000

I always thought that when installing programmes on a computer that, whilst Drive C is generally the chosen destination, one is given the choice of other drives. I have an old laptop with only a small almost full Drive C and generally use an external 500g drive. Therefore this morning I was a little baffled when going to install a new programme on this external drive, the programme gave me no choices but wanted only to install on Drive C which I didn’t want it to do. Can anyone explain this to me please.
Pete :confused:

Barry Hunter
Joined: Nov 30 2001

Probably because when the system boots up it will need to allocate resources etc & these would be within the operating system.

Maybe someone els with more knowledge will clarify.

Barry Hunter

Alan Roberts
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I suspect most software writers just assume that C:'s the right place for it. If you haven't already done so, the best solution is to move all you files (My Documents etc) onto the other drive to free space, leaving C: just for programme software.

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Gavin Gration
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It depends in the installer - some give you a choice and others don't.

All our machines (except a pre-configured laptop) have sub 8GB boot partition with apps on a separate partition - most have the swap file on a third dedicated partition.

Some applications don't give you a choice of where to install and even those that do often assume the boot disc is a good place to store loads of temporary files!

If the USB drive is permanent fixture I can't see any reason why it cannot be used for applications. It is possible that Windows won't allow a removable drive to be used for applications - never tried it.