project to digi beta?

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I'm currently producing a short film and I've been asked to provide the following

3 x Digibeta masters of the full and final Film in the following aspects ratios:

2x full height anamorphic (for UKFC)

1 tape with a 16:9 and a full height anamorphic copy of the Film (for SP

its going to be shot using p2 cards and edited in final cut pro (I have no experience or either) so I'm assuming Ill be taking it to where ever they can do this on a hard drive?

thanks for any advice or recommendations

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FHA (full height anamorphic) is the standard 720x576 widescreen SD format. Any FCP edit station with an AJA Kona or BlackMagic SDI/component card (or an AJA Io box) can interface with a DigiBeta recorder to allow this to be recorded.

SDI is easier, because it take care of the anamorphic flag automatically, so the DigiBeta plays out correctly.

The advantage of the Kona/Blackmagic setups is that your FCP project can be either DV, or DV50, or SD uncompressed (8 or 10-bit) or DVCProHD (P2), and it can transcode during playout on-the-fly to the correct SDI signal that the DigiBeta deck records.

The advantage of FCP is that any post-production facility anywhere can take your project and spit it out to tape, in any way that they have the decks for.

I'm not sure what "1 tape with a 16:9 and a full height anamorphic copy of the Film (for SP" means, so can't help you with that one.
All 16:9 in the UK is FHA, and 16:9 in a 4:3 letterbox is normally only a USA format.
In the UK a 14:9 raster within a FHA frame is the usual way to derive a 4:3 signal, using an ARC (aspect ratio converter) to produce this on-the-fly.
Something like that - transmission technology changes so often these days ;)

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Stoo has already asked us for quote for this.

SP probably means Beta SP.

We do all 16:9 in anamorphic unless someone asks for a 4:3 letterbox and they go out to MTV, Channel 4, BBC and many other stations as well as film festivals.

Unless a film festival has specifically asked for a tape they should always be sent a DVD to see if they want to show it first considering the cost of them.

The fact it's being made on P2 is not relevant, we just need a self contained QT file on a DVD if it's under 15mins.

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thanks both for the info

I have got your quote claire and Ill be contacting you soon