QT Picture Viewer problem (PC)

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Hi All, Any advice pls, cause i'm stumped... I have Quick Time pro installed on a pc, and use picture viewer to open jpeg images, but when clicking on a jpeg file the picture viewer prog opens but doesn't display the image - which then has to be opened from within the program. I've tried resetting the file type in folder options, all seems as it should be, but same result followed. Any ideas? Many thanx. Pete


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Have you got all the right associations set? Such that *.jpg is assigned to QT? I have mione set such that Paint Shop opens and shows them, because I usually want to look closely or edit pictures. I can't recall how to set the associations though, I'm sure someone else will come in with the info.

If the associations are right, then I'm stumped. Try re-installing QT and see what happens.