recommend new Canon printer to replace i965?

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my i965 has been excellent for both prints and CD/DVD covers, but it's gone on the blink. to repair it will cost between 60-100 quid, so am thinking of a new beast

saw this on amazon, which doesn't look bad:

but am out of touch with newer printers. Don't need a multifunction device.

any recommendations? my i965 cost about 250 new 2 years ago - lol

Z Cheema
Joined: Nov 17 2003

I have a Canon IP4000R (wireless version) it prints great and the inks are cheap.

We also have a similar Canon on the link which is wireless as well and has a scanner built in, fast and good. PIXMA MP800R

The good think is that the print head can be replaced if any problems (not that have had any) , but you take it out to clean, if there is.

You can try before you buy on the Canon site, they can send a print from an uploaded picture of your own