Recording Audio With 1 Man Crew And Cast

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I'm making a short on DV. I'm the crew as well as the cast and (with my limited budget) I'm trying to figure out the way I can get the best audio possible.

The equipment I have to hand is:
SONY DCR-HC30E PAL camcorder
Sennheiser omnidirectional mike (not an expensive one)
Apple Powerbook
MBox & Protools

The in-camera mike isn't good enough, so the way I see it I have 2 basic options:
1/Plug a mike straight into the camera
2/Record externally into Protools and match the sound later

If 1/ I don't think the Sennheiser mike is going to be practical. Proximity is going to be difficult as I'm going to be on camera. One solution will be for me to hire/buy a radio mike. If so, do I not then have to also hire/buy a "mixer" to stop the sound peaking - as the camera has no internal method of limiting levels? Or would plugging it straight in work?

If 2/ Can I plug a radio mike into the Mac and limit the levels using Protools?

Thoughts appreciated.

Ewan Thomson

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the radio mic should have some ability to prevent peaking

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It would be a good idea to let us know what you are planning to make. As a one man crew.
You may be able to do your sound in the post-production edit on your mac.
Like the last post to you. Radio mic should do the trick.
Good Luck.

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Easy way to stop peaking is to go through the audio to be recorded before filming, checking the levels and adjusting the audio-in on the camera. Of course, this only works with a pre-defined script, but is the basic starting point for on-set audio in professional film making.

In addittion, the very good and relatively cheap Sennheiser 112 radio mics can have limiters set if desired.

Let us know what you decide.