Recovering Jpeg images

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I copied my catalog of digital photo images (about 50 meg worth) to CD, and then formatted my hard drive. the files appeared to have been copied ok. When I loaded everthing back, I found that 75% of the images could not be opened or copied back to hard drive, although they are clearly on the CD.

I have tried opening the files with a variety of different programmes, using the copy and paste command, zipping the files etc, but I keep getting told 'cannot recognise the command.

As I mentioned previously, some files do open, but the ones that are 'faulty' will not even allow me to generate an image preview in Windows 98.

A family bereavement has meant I am absolutely desperate to recover and fix this CD.

I suspect further information may be needed.

Many thanks


peter millard
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Start with the basics. Did you check that the files were OK when you first burnt the CD? In other words, is the fact that you can't open them to do with your (presumably) reinstall of the OS, or were they always unreadable? Does your CD burning software verify the disc? Have you tried the CD on another PC? That would help establish whether the fault lies with the disc or your PC...

Don't understand why you can't copy the files back to your HD; even unreadable files should copy between media?

Do the original filenames still have correct extension for the file type (eg *.jpg for JPEG), and does the DOS filename match?

Which apps. have you tried to open them with? Have you tried utilities like Graphic Converter or Photo Mechanic? Are you opening them from within the application (ie. get the app. running first, then select file>open) or are you just double-clicking the individual files? Have you tried dragging the files directly onto the application icon, or shortcut?

What exact error messages are you getting when you do try to open the files?

Have you tried reading the files on a Mac? Sometimes the way they handle files differently can be a help!

Let us know how you get on...

Peter Millard

Peter Millard

Richard Payne
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My corrupted Photographs have been saved by a program called Photo Rescue.

It managed to recover a totally corrupt Flash Memory disk with all but one of Jpegs.

It cost $20 but was well worth it as there was a trial version to prove it worked.

Have got details at home so reply if your interested

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I was about to suggest that..
It's good, eh?

But yeah in future be absolutely sure your pics copied to CD okay, and backup somewhere else as well-- best way is to network another computer up and save on it's hard drive (Or stick another drive in your box)


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I copied a load of pics onto CD once before, which wouldn't open after copying back to HDD. For some reason, they had all gone back on as 'read only' files. The (P-I-T-A) solution was to change them all back one at a time to 'archive'.

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I assume you have deleted the originals from your hard disk (the ones you burnt onto the CD originally)? It would be worth trying Norton utilities disk recovery facility both on the files on the CD and on your hard drive. If you haven't written many new files on your hard disk since you deleted the originals it should be able to recover most of them. (They will still be there, just the identification tag that tells the computer to show the file is erased when you delete an entire file). Also, it sounds like either your files became corrupted, fragmented, or that the resource fork or data fork of the file is damaged. If this is so, then norton utilities should be able to put (at least some) back together. The other correspondent is right though, you should be able to copy un-openable files. What are the error messages you are getting when you try and open them? do you have Photoshop, that is usually pretty good at opening stuff? if not, if you can e-mail me a corrupt file i will try on my machine and e-mail you it back if it opens. I don't have Norton though, but have used it in the past and can strongly recommend it.

Good luck, Mart.