Red One Camera For Hire - London Uk

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Hi Guys,

Currently renting out my Feature shooting camera kit listed below for £550/day including the Red 18-50 mm T3 Zoom lens and the 17 inch monitor, see full package list below. Will be willing to work out a better deal for longer shoots. Please note it is my personal kit.

Red One Camera,
With Base Production Pack
19 mm Baseplate and Dovetail Assembly
Arri PL or Nikon F Lens Mount
2 x 16gb Compact Flash Cards
8 x 8gb Compact Flash Cards
5.6" HD Field Monitor
Lexar Firewire800/USB 2.0 CF Card Reader
Element Technica BNC Break Out Box
18 - 50mm Red T3 Zoom Lens
Element Technica BNC Break Out Box
Zacuto Follow Focus + Whip
RedrockMicro Production Matte Box
Red Power Pack (4x Batteries + Quad Charger)
1 x Red 320gb Red Drive
(4) 18-inch Carbon Rods
Hotswap double battery mount
Panasonic BT-LH1700WP HD monitor


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I work for a rental house in London and we have 7x RED cameras. Give call to Sam at Decode's rental desk and explain what you want to do and he will look after you. We have done averything on Reds, feature films, tons of commercials, music promos, corporates.... Even 3D. I am not braging but we have got the whole RED thing pretty well tied down....

I hope it helps. 02087359170.