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Hi all,
Below is a bit of my history (boring) and what I did. After retirement I set up repair facility due to demand. I already do work for :- Dartington college of art, Plymouth university, Exeter Phoenix & so on.

1992 to 2007, I was appointed as a technician in the audio/visual aids dept at Exeter college. My job was to keep all the college portable equipment except computers working by diagnosing faults to component level. Includes some 4000 repairs to camcorders, during 1992 -2007.
I was also fully responsible as the competent person for appliance testing, and the general safety.

I also designed and built special one off equipment such as:--
1) A large off air recording facility to record TV or audio broadcasts used for teaching or to enable copying of tapes.
2) A comprehensive presentation facility for the college conference centre to play Video, DVD, and computer presentations.
3) I also designed and made a stop frame animation outfit for the film & media dept.
I was the only person responsible for the above.

The range of AV equipment I dealt with included the following :--
• Tv receivers,
• Video recorders,
• Camcorders VHS/SVHS. Professional betacam & DV.
• Sony betacam cameras & VTR’S including chargers and tripods
• Non linear editing VCR’s, and controllers,
• Production mixers (MX12 & MX50),
• Titlers,
• CRT TV studio monitors
• This did also include ATX supplies for PC’s and also switch mode supplies for the servers which self destructed on occasions & were very difficult to scource and replace.
• CD players,
• Reel to reel tape recorders 2 – 8 track, cassette players inc coombers,
• Record players,
• Amplifiers, mixer desks,
• Memoscribers,
• Headphone repairs,
• Tandberg language labs.

General electronics :--
• Geiger counters,
• Portable and tv studio lighting equipment.
• Strobe and flash units for the photography dept, incl film enlargers/timers and driers, camera & camcorder tripods,
• Power supplies,
• Overhead projectors, projector screens, multimedia projectors where parts were available,
• Mass spectrometers, Ultra violet cabinets.
• Manufacture of special leads

1973 to 1992 I worked as a TV & video engineer with Visionhire TV rental as a mobile engineer.

1966 to 1973 I worked in the Exeter university psychology dept designing and building a large variety of “one off” electronic/electromechanical equipment for research projects

1960 to 1965 Served a 5 yr tech apprenticeship in industrial electronics at English Electric/ Marconi group in Essex. I was involved in designing and building high power test gear for radar and transmitters up to 15 megawatts output. Academic standard:- ONC/HNC in radio eng.

What I can offer now that I am self employed, with my well equipped workshop and extensive up to date experience, are in depth repairs or modification to the range of equipment described above. I DO NOT DEAL WITH COMPUTERS OR SOFTWARE.

Arthur Burge, Crediton, Devon. Email: MOB 07518052610

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Hi again,
I forgot my phone no, it is Mob 07518052610. Arthur

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Hello all

I'd like to be the first to raise my hand and say that I've used Arthur's services many times since he left the college and have found that he's still the best we've used to date.

Be glad to act a personal reference.


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