Road Trip Video - moving map ?

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I'm editing a road trip video (DV500 and Premiere) and I'd like to cut now and then to a map with a moving dotted line to represent the traveller's progress (as seen on TV travel shows).

I would welcome any tips on the easiest way to achieve this ??

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I thought someone would have had a go at answering this, and I kind of felt sorry nobody had so I thought I would give you my solution.

Ok this basically involves two clips on the timeline.

The first one is a clip of the map, this could be a drawing (prepared as a bitmap or similar) or a film of a 'static' (ie non-moving) map. It is important that the map is filmed with the camera on a tripod or a single frame capture is expanded to multiple frames.

The next stage is to take the map and lay it over a large piece of white card. Using a pin, carefully prick through the map the route you want to detail so that a series of pinpricks appear on the card. The next stage is to fix the card to a wall (if poss) or flat surface very securely. Light the card as evenly as possible and mount your camera on a tripod, so that it focuses on the card and encompasses all the pinpricked trail. Next using the camera whilst attached to the firewire port of your computer, using Premier itself, you should be able to perform stop-motion capture. Simply capture say 10 blank frames, then using a thick felt tip (Nobo board or permenant marker) start to draw the satart of the trail. A series of dots, dashes or a single unbroken line. step back to the computer and take another 10 frames. then continue this until the route is complete.

This clip can then be placed in the timeline above the existing map clip and it's transparency can be set so that the white of the card is not shown. At this point you may need to re-position the clip using the standard premier tools, so that the trail and the map line up perfectly. Also you may need to adjust the length of the clip so that it takes up the time that you require. Obviously you will need to make the map clip at least as long as the 'route' overlay, though a certain amount of overlap at the ends will probably be required.

I hope this helps, if you have still not got round this yet.


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a better and easier way i feel would be to open paint or a similar programme drawa a cicle or arrow whaever fill with the desired colour red etc and fill the rest in BLUE. Now put the bitmap in premiere above the bmp of the map you have chosen preferably not a blue one. Set tranparency to blue screen and you will see only the red dot etc. Now go into motion and move it sround as desired, more professional i feel, don't foget to fill the blue in at the bottom left hand corner and use the delay functions etc good luck

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