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I've just finished reading Barry Hampe's excelent book about "Making videos for money" And for my second video - I've been inspired to script it properly. It's going ok, but the method I'm having trouble with, is at the end of every shot you're meant to put a time code to show how long that shot should take, and the concurrent total video time in the format: [S=2:RT=45:20] (Scene and RealTime).

My problem is that if you modify a scene, the complete realtime value changes for every subsequent scene. Has anyone got a macro that I could use for this, or an idea how it could be done?

Thanks for any help.....


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Chris, I've worked for the BBC for 10 years, and I've NEVER seen timecode estimates on scripts. Maybe I've missed them ...

... Or maybe we're just behind the times here at Auntie .

Generally, we'll go with estimates of 1 min per page ( provided the script isn't abnormally dense or sparse ).

In any case I'm going to check into this in case I'm not doing something I should ...

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I have tried building a shooting script before and it's VERY time consuming. Nice in theory but in practise, much of it tends to go out of the window because of conditions and events that crop up during a shoot.

Draw some very rough storyboards, plan out all of the main shots you want like:

Scene 21 a) L.S.: two-shot (through end)
Scene 21 b) M.S.: Person 1 over shoulder of Person 2 (through end)
Scene 21 c) M.S.: Person 2 over shoulder of Person 1 (through end)


Don't bother putting time codes on the shooting script (and keep the shooting script separate from the screenplay) because they'll never match the performances of your actors!

Also, have a vague idea of what the edited scene will look like (as this will aid decisions about other shots like inserts) but don't stick to it if something better happens. Chances are, the final result will look nothing like your original vision - they'll probably be much better.


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