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BTW, I'm desperately looking for a good script for a short movie to shoot in a couple of months: five to twenty minutes long, budget about a thousand pounds, shot on DV (or possibly 16mm if it's short) in or around London. I could write another one myself, but I really don't have the time or any great ideas at this moment; I will if I have to.

If you think you might have something -- ideally funny, intelligent and SF or psychological horror -- email me with a one-paragraph synopsis. I have the budget and most of the crew, I just need the important part: the script.

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Peter Heydon
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Hi, I've just seen your message. Don't get excited and in any case it may be too late, considering that you posted it nearly two weeks ago.

I'm actually a professional photographer who uses the video camera for a hobby. My other hobby is writing. I don't have a script, but, seeing as no-one else has actually replied to you then it would seem you have nothing to lose.

I've been toying with the idea of writing a script along the lines you describe for some time, but of course life always gets in the way. Maybe your enquiry is the impetus I require.

If you're still interested then tell me a bit more about yourself and elabourate further on what you're looking for and I'll come up with a synopsis. If you like the synopsis I'll come up with a short script.

As with most things in life, I actually work better under pressure. What do you say?