Second Tripod

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Dr Zak
Joined: Aug 30 2005

Hi Chaps,

Just purchased a second Sony PD 150 that I am going to use a second static cam for the wedding service and speeches.

I use a Manfrotto 503/525 set up for my main cam which is sturdy and heavy.

Looking to buy another tripod now for the second cam - cannot really go to £350- so does anyone know if the Manfrotto 128RC with 055 legs will be suitable or not.

Thanks everyone.


Joined: May 17 1999

if it's a static shot then consider a magic arm.

they're brilliant bits of kit that get you out of so many difficult shots.
or even a superclamp with a double ball head.

I have two magic arms a nd a double ball head and use them on nearly every job i do.

David Lawrence Lighting are a good supplier