SENNHEISER ew100 Microphone System

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I hope somebody can help as this is my first venture into audio and my first post.
I purchased a Sennheiser EW100  and wireless mic.  I don't really need the mic but do need a wireless set up for a lapel mic.
I am looking at eBay for the body pack but am seeing a 'transmitter and receiver' as a set.  Wouldn't I just need the transmitter?
Also, what is the round connector on the back of the unit?
Thanks for any help!
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Re: SENNHEISER ew100 Microphone System
Hi Dave,
Welcome to the forum.
Sennheiser produce the Evolution range of wireless microphones in a variety of different combinations, which are normally brought as a system for a specific use, hence the reason that they are usually sold as a kit/system on eBay etc.
Although individual components do appear occasionally.

The body pack transmitter you need is an SK 100 G3, with a suitable microphone (assuming you have a new EW100).

Individual system components can be purchased, but you would need to be careful, as the transmitter needs to be compatible with the frequency band of the receiver as there are different bands for different countries.
Also there are currently three different incarnations of this system G1, G2 and G3. G3 being the latest which you should have if you purchased your system new.
As for the connector, there are a five round connectors on the back of the receiver:
Power supply input
Balanced Output XLR
Un-balanced Output Jack
2 x BNC antenna connectors.
There is a plethora of information on the Sennheiser website and it is very good, once you are used to it.
No doubt JW the resident expert on everything Sennheiser/Audio can give you more definitive information.

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Re: SENNHEISER ew100 Microphone System

Actually there are more individual transmitters on ebay than there are kits and they are there all the time...plenty of them. I know, I deal in them.

As mentioned before look at the back of your receiver and you should see the frequency on the label.

You need a transmitter with the exact same frequency.

One thing to note is that there is now only one freq, channel 70, that is free and legal to use in the uk as the previous legal freq`s interfere with the digital tv signal.

863.000 to 865.000 is the freq you need to be legal but the transmitter you will buy is Frequency range 830-866 Mhz Channel 69-70 ...this assumes your receiver is on that freq.

If its different you can still use it but its illegal but as one bbc guy said to me `as long as you are not using it at Wembley or Wimbledon you should be ok` but remember it is still illegal.

Remember if it IS different then you need a different freq transmitter that matches it. 790-822 is another common one.

use the search phrase `sennheiser wireless transmitter` and you will find them..... expect to pay 100 or more.

Another thing to note is that the sennheiser kit uses a locking screw fit jack and I don't think you can plug an ordinary 3.5mm jack into them.

The cheapest is usually the ME2 which you can pick up for around 30-40 pounds normal price is can also buy cheap Chinese ones under 20 but I wouldn't advise it. CRAP!!!!

Or buy a cable which has a locking jack at one end and a xlr or 3.5 or 6mm socket at the other usually around 10-15 pounds.

Any other questions email me at jimmysmith@btinternet dot com or post back but I am not a regular here. Last visit was 10 years ago lol

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Re: SENNHEISER ew100 Microphone System

Blimey - one visit in ten years, and to answer a post from two years ago that is long time dead.
Let's just sort this for completeness.

Channel 70 has four frequencies available, or even five on the Sennheiser G3, so although the band is quite busy in the bigger cities, it's not too bad in the smaller towns.

Channel 70 is a bit of a free for all, in that anyone can use it without a license. The licensable band is down in channel 38, and you can, at the moment, still ask for a few channel 69 frequencies that can, for the moment still be used because they are empty - at least now. Channel 38 is 606.500 - 613.500MHz.

The frequency range added is right at the bottom of the Sennheiser channel 69 capable radios (really around channel 65) 823 to 832 MHz. 790-822 is not currently available although still possible to license on an event by event basis for broadcasters. It's NOT a frequency that is in my current PMSE license.

You CAN plug a normal 3.5mm plug into them, but it just doesn't lock.

If it's not legal - don't use it is the only sensible advice. After all, wireless systems always make noises at the wrong moment - so using a system in a band where interference could suddenly wipe out your audio is a BIG risk. 30-50mW is unlikely to worry others, but some of those bands have powerful TV and mobile phone signals in them.

Loads of people have ebay sourced components - just make sure they are in the same band. Sennheiser now make so many versions that any not labelled GB or CH70 will be a problem.

Oddly - many of the cheap Chinese ones are NOT crap. Some can be, but as many mics are treated as consumables and thrown away, the Chinese ones do a pretty decent job. Look on the CPC web site for cheap ones. They are cheap enough to try, and often quite usable.

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Re: SENNHEISER ew100 Microphone System

lol I didn't even notice the post was old

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Re: SENNHEISER ew100 Microphone System

I wouldn't worry - on another forum I did it to a six year old one, which beats yours!

Funny really - because his query is so out of date in quite a short time now. I've got around 20 UHF systems, and must admit I'm now using 2.4GHz wireless kit with very good results - not even thought about (well, almost) back then.