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Hey guys

I'm looking into making a low budget semi-satirical horror movie that includes aliens that spit out extremely sticky slime that entraps anyone who steps in a "trap" or gets covered. I know of UltraSlime and that looks pretty good (although somewhat expensive).

Specifically although this movie will be a parody, I would like the special effects to be as realistic as possible. The first thing that comes to mind is the scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where the main villain gets his fist stuck to the steam roller and tries to pull back, only to have the glue stretch like a rubber band and then pull him back.

The problem with ultra slime is it tends to show some slack when you try to pull it. I'd like the slime to be tought when pulled and appear that the slime isn't just getting stretched but is actually trying to pull the victim back.

Other desired properties (not necessarily a deal breaker, but would be ince to have)

- Reusable (doesn't dry out easily)
- Easy to clean up
- Not too smelly
- Truly sticky, but not so much I'd need the jaws of life to "rescue" the actor ;)

Price is a factor, but if you have some sort of "miracle formula" I'd still like to hear it regardless of its price.

Any suggestions?

evans david
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Have you thought of using dinghy elastic cord, it is available in many sizes but the 1/8 inch one might be ideal. It is very extensible and coloured white so would take on whatever colour your cheap and cheerful slime coating would be.

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Firstly what set up of video software are you using?. Do you need all those effects to make your video. How much imagination are you leaving to your audience to figure out.
Jelly is one item i have used in the past. You will also find that the lady of the house who does the cooking in your household could hold the key to your problem. Have a word with her and see what she can come up with.