So now what?

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Okay, so I now have more hardware than NASA and I guess I ought to get out there and start pointing my camera at things. But what things?

I'd be interested to hear what others are using their cameras for. What have been your most successful projects? Which ones would you most like to tackle?

tom hardwick
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What was it that drove you to buy a camcorder in the first place Keith? Most of us start off by being camerapersons and therefore have a burning desire to capture and record the world around us.

Some come into the game as sound recording people, some come in as frustrated editors, some are showmen and love the presentation side of the game. All these groups shoot footage to enable them to get their teeth into this hobby and expand the audience that'll see (and hopefully appreciate) their work.

Where do you fit in? Were you a stills man? Do you know people with hobbies that'd like a film made of their past-time? What do you do besides make films? Hang-glide? Snorkel? Skim brake discs? Whatever - go there with your camcorder, an open mind, imagination and daring.

Think slowly, shoot lots, take your time over the edit. Always consider the audience. If your film has repeatability, you're onto a winner.


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Sometimes you want to make a film that is personal to you, with a limited audience.
I shot a talking head of my grandfather 10 years ago on S-VHS and waited 5 years till I had the right kit to edit it. He basically tells his life story 'In his own words', which I used as the title of the film. It captures his mannerisms, humour, happiness, hardships and sad times- covering two world wars, the great depression, the recession, marriage, family....
Now he is no longer with us ,but the film preserves some very dear memories of a great guy. The film is of interest only to family. I would never foist it upon any audience, but it was such a jigsaw puzzle to put together that I'm happy I made it.
That has brought me more pleasure than any Corporate film I ever made.