Software codecs for AVI files

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I can't understand why Dazzle con't provide a software codec for windows that let us open and edit native files with other applications like Combustion, 3DS Max or other.

Even the Matrox Digisiute provide freely for all a software codec that lets open and edit Digisuite native files in any computer.
Without this possibility, all the advantages of digital video editing are reduced to a edition station like a old two deck video editing system.

It's very anoying but the only solution to do post production with this card it's reencoding your footage with Microsoft DV or Digisuite AVI compatible codecs, with the loose of rendering time and quality it envolves.

Please, if more people on this board have this problem, i think it's time to make a massive request to support department.

Sorry for my English and happy editing!

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The dif format is actually a software codec, not a hardware codec. It has the ability to use a Quicktime shell. That means that dif files can be played by Quicktime Player and edited in any Quicktime-compatible software without the need for conversion.

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