Software gods help me?!

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Right, I may be being a little ambitious here but here is what I want:

The scene is an empty street lined with buildings on either side and giant wall approaches the camera, 'passing' through the different buildings. The effect requires a still image (the street) and another (the wall) -the the image of the wall has to pass through the buildings at different times - i.e. the image must have some 3D awareness of where the buildings actually are (distance from the camera wise)

Is there any amateur software that can do this? and does any of this make sense? ??

Its only one shot.

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Assuming the camera shot of the street doesnt move, you can just export a single frame of shot out to be the background of your 3D modelling program, and create objects to get the effect you want. Complex effects are possible relatively easily in this way I have discovered using my free copy of Cinema 4D from PC Plus...

Sorry if I've mistaken what you want to do for something else... :s