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Here are some links I consult on quite a regular basis

Streaming Media Primers

  • Adobe Streaming media Primer Without a doubt the best overview on streaming media. Wellwritten, comprehensive and insightful, from beginner to advanced techniques
  • basic yet good definition of streaming video
  • Companies

  • Boxmind ** Boxmind makes interactive streaming video presentations aimed at Universities, interesting to see what is possible with streaming video
  • eStudio Live** A live all-in-one encoder platform. Alternative to Pinnacle's streamgenie
  • Viewcast, makers of Osprey cards***** The most used streaming video capture cards on the market
  • Winnov makers of videum cards***** As good as Osprey cards but german
  • Rich Media

  • Boxmind**
  • Just SMILe*** Portal for interactive streaming media authoring using SMIL, a language to sync your video with other multimedia content in an easy-to-use way
  • Perly SMIL** Advanced site for users who want to create SMIL dynamically using Perl
  • Grins**
    Grins is the best known tool to make SMIL
    presentations. it has a very industry-like interface.
  • Streaming Media Portals

  • Just SMIL***
  • Streaming***** Probabaly the most complete streaming media portal on the web
  • The tuckshop***** Interesting because this site has a (low activity) bulletin board with LOTS of tips for tweaking and programming interative streaming video. For the more adventerous users
  • Technology

  • Apple quicktime ** Apple's slow but high-quality streaming media container
  • Realnetworks Central *****
  • Streaming Encoder cookbook *** Quite a straight-forward site showing how to build your own video encoder
  • Windows media Technologies *****
  • Bulletin boards

  • this one of course *****
  • The tuckshop *****
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    Stuart B-M
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    Dear Hendrik,

    Many thanks for all the great links.

    Just when i thought i had enough to learn......

    kindest regards,

    Thank you for adding to my reading material, (first link 47 pages PDF) but so well worth it.

    As always,
    Best Wishes, and Kind regards to all the Family.

    Stuart & Sally

    Stuart B-M
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    Dear Hendrik,

    Just viewed the "Boxmind" live demo link,

    Very impressed.

    Best Wishes.

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    quote:Originally posted by Stuart B-M:
    Dear Hendrik,

    (first link 47 pages PDF) but so well worth it.


    It's really a good document ;)

    I added my own personal star rating to most links from * (for mediocre, has no use to promote trash sites ) to ***** for excellence.

    I tried to have an animalrating similar to that of tucows but alas I didn't find apropiate pictures



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    Hendrik wanted to have all postings to this forum emailed to him automatically - there's dedication for you!

    I've now done this so, hopefully, he'll get this and know it's working!

    Bob C