Sony 3-strong Digital8 camcorders range; one with DV in/out and Hi8/8mm playback

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Sony 3-strong Digital8 camcorders range; one with DV in/out and Hi8/8mm playback

Press Release
6th January 2005

Digital8 provides digital recording on analogue tape as well as 8mm and Hi8 playback to keep your precious recordings and memories safe.

Launch of three Sony Digital8 Handycam DCR-TRV270E, DCR-TRV285E and DCR-TRV480E in January 2005

Line-up ranges from entry-level digital camcorder to top-end model with Digital in/out and full backwards compatibility with Hi8 and 8mm formats

Features include 20X optical zoom, record and zoom controls on the LCD, USB Streaming and STAMINA recording.


Suitable for a first Digital Handycam user, both models allow you to enjoy all the advantage of digital recording. There's an i.LINK connection for digital video editing on a PC or to copy footage to a DVD recorder, as well as USB for Web streaming purposes.

Fitted with 20X optical zoom lenses with 37mm filter diameter, they provide a bright, high quality image.

The DCR-TRV480E is fully equipped with the latest Sony technology.

Fully backwards compatible with the earlier 8mm and Hi8 analogue formats, not only you can use these tapes in your new camcorder, you can transfer your old movies to your PC

STAMINA for worry-free recording
Sony's STAMINA technology makes sure you have a worry free long recording time on the camcorders. They are powered by an "infoLITHIUM" battery that can provide long continuous recording times, and is rechargeable via a supplied AC adaptor. A Battery Info button displays available recording times and remaining charge level on the LCD display when activated. This function is accessible anytime even when the camcorder is turned off.

Main characteristics of the DCR-TRV270E and DCR-TRV285E

High Quality Imaging

The DCR-TRV270E is an ideal entry-level Digital8 camcorder equipped with a powerful zoom lens. The 37mm diameter lens features a 20X optical zoom that is not only capable of capturing a brighter image but is able to zoom in from a substantial distance without a loss in quality. The 37mm diameter allows you to fit standard filters and attachments. A 540k 1/6-inch CCD provides excellent detail and clarity backed up the high quality optics.

Digital Advantages
With a DV facility (i.LINK), users can transfer their movies for editing on a PC or use the Handycam as a Webcam with instant USB Streaming over the Internet. Movies made with the Handycam can also be enhanced using Picture Package software. This can apply soundtracks and video effects to your captured footage and burn the result to Video CD in three easy steps.

The DCR-TRV285E shares the same attractive features as the TRV270E, but has the added facility of DV-IN connectivity. This means that you can use the TRV285E for editing on a PC and pass the results over i.LINK back to tape on the camera.

Main characteristics of the DCR-TRV480E

8mm and Hi8 backward compatibility

The DCR-TRV480E is backwards compatible with both Hi8 and 8mm videocassettes, providing an ideal upgrade path to digital for experienced video enthusiasts with sizeable tape stocks. Additionally those wishing to preserve their video memories on these older formats can take advantage of digital connectivity and ease of use offered by the DCR-TRV480, including Picture Package software. This camcorder features both digital i.LINK IN and OUT, as well as Analogue IN and OUT for archiving analogue tape recordings. USB provides connectivity to a PC, while Audio IN and OUT ports are ideal for easy dubbing to and from the tape and playing back with TV.

Easy and convenient

The DCR-TRV480E is fully equipped with the latest technologies. Providing the bright lens (37mm filter) with a 20X optical zoom, which ensures a clear, high quality image throughout zooming in on the subject.

The 2.5-inch LCD display also has a Touch Screen, which can be used in conjunction with Sony's Active Menu, a logically structured graphical user interface for camcorder controls.

With Memory Stick you can also easily shoot and store digital still images for sending over the Internet to friends.

Sony's unique Easy Handycam menu gives one-button access to basic camera operation and recording settings.

Shared Camcorder Feature

NightShot plus
Low-level light recording technology is incorporated in the form of Night Shot Plus, which can record in more natural colour in low-light environments.

The Super NightShot plus function on the DCR-TRV480E uses a slow shutter speed to allow colour video under very dark conditions.

USB Streaming
The USB Streaming facility on all three new models allows them to fulfil an additional function as a webcam, an increasingly popular method of Internet communication.

Picture Package software
Movies can be enhanced using the supplied Picture Package software. This can apply soundtracks and video effects to your captured footage and burn the result to Video CD in three easy steps.

Optional accessories

Sony provides a wide variety of accessories to maximize the shooting experience with Handycam. Our wide assortment of accessories will respond to the diverse needs of our customers.

Accessory kit - ACC-FM50A -
A valuable accessory kit with a combination of premium case LCS-VA30 and a spare "infoLITHIUM" rechargeable NP-FM50 battery.

Battery - NP-QM91D -
High capacity "infoLITHIUM" M series rechargeable battery allowing long time recording. Equipped with one-touch display of power level.

Carrying case - LCS-VA20 -
Compact, easy-to-carry shoulder bag featuring an inner partition for storing accessories.