Sony DV Walkman as bridge btwn Hi8 and Mac G3?

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I am about to enter the realm of video editing, and having a G3-350 and a Hi8 camera, the smartest thing to do seemed to get a Sony GV D-300 and copy all my recordings over to the DV format, gaining continous timecode in the process. Would like to hear from anyone using this unit as a bridge between the analog and digital worlds.

Have a question for you techies as well: The A/D conversion in the GV D-300 ends up as a DV signal (3.6Mbps?) that is recorded on the tape. How does this A/D conversion/compression compare to the one done when filming with a true camera, and how will the quality if the analog (Hi8) signal suffer when compressed to the DV format?

Would really like some comments on these things before I shell out 75% of a months salary on this thing :)


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First, I hadn't realised that multimedia producers in Norway were so poorly paid!


On the subject of the GV D300:

This was the DV VCR I used when reviewing the G3 - it worked fine.

You can expect that the quality of your Hi8 footage will *improve* when you transfer it to DV!

Hopefully, someone else will come along to confirm this, and also explain why.

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While there is little written about this I think that there are a few things going on here that helps:
First Providing the hi-8 tape is good quality and has a stable signal the compression system remember throws away 80 percent of the signal, what I think is that on decompression the regenerated portions (usually the low change portions) look better because the regeneration eliminates some of the distracting noise etc. I have looked at this a bit and what I have found is that the image looks better but if you directly compare it with the original it may look a bit different. I would agree that it does look better. I would caution that if for some reason the original has a problem ESPECIALLY if there were crash edits etc where sync is not continuous you may get a glitch which you would need to edit out. this shows up as a green splash on the images.
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