Sony DVD Architect 5.2

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Hi again.  Can some one please advise me again.
Right, I have a 1.5 hour footage that I'm burning on a DL DVD via Sony DVD Architect 5.2 .  There 25 Markers. On the preview screen in Architect it's showing all the Markers and on the left the Menu page.  All the Markers play in Preview.  However, when I go to burn it two warnings come up saying that the project is Orphaned and not reachable. The 2nd warning is Scene Selection is orphaned and not reachable.
In the Button Properties in Action tab, the Destination is the tile of my project and the Destination Chapter is Scene/Chapter.
Can someone please help me get over this problem?   Thank you.
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Re: Sony DVD Architect 5.2
This is complex to write about here, but first off, why Dual Layer? 1.5 hours  = 90 minutes, yes? I can easily place 100 minutes on a single layer DVD and it looks spectacular. Why are you going to DL?
The Chapter bit, I believe falls into the realms of just where your SPLIT for the duallie should happen. And THAT could be the issue. Scenes and therefore maybe Chapters, should be treated with care on a duallie.
Anyways, my advis, change your encoding template to accommodate the 90 minutes on a single layer.
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Re: Sony DVD Architect 5.2
is this any help?

See video