SONY MCS 8M issue

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Hi Friends ,

                     I am a video conference tech. and faced a problem while trying to integrate a VC device with Sony MCS 8 M during one of the events. 

what was the set up like ? there were two HD cameras connected to the Sony MCS 8M with HD SDI cable. The out put of the video mixer was given to the VC device which was a LifeSize Team 220. 

What was the issue here ? ‚Äč the DVI out feed coming from the mixer could not be detected in the VC device. But the HDMI output coming from direct camera was very well detected. To trouble shoot we also tried to convert the DVI output of mixer to HDMI ( using a converter ).  The DVI out and also the HDMI converted out was very well detected on a monitor. 

I would like to know what went wrong here