SONY PDW_F350 filter galss unit problem

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hello to all
my name is Andrea and use the cameras f350 for many years, I possess five.
lately I see the images from the cameras to change the definition and even color, until a short time ago by putting them in the preset I needed a few corrections to make them equal. jo discovered a terrible thing: 1-479-899-11 FILTER UNIT, OPTICAL is stained as if it were neckline.
are final, desperate because checking other cameras I've noticed that you begin to stain the other units.
spare parts cost a lot.
I know for sure is that optical glass, with a kind of filter, UV protected, because the ccd 1/2 inch of the camera are very sensitive.
advice and assistance
I am attaching some pictures

thank you

Andrea Pucci

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Re: SONY PDW_F350 filter galss unit problem

Looks like the lens coating is wearing off.  Have they been in contact with sea water or any corrosive material?  Was it pointing directly at the sun?