Sony PMW-EX3 plus tripod and various bits

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I am going to be selling a Sony PMW-EX3 professional video camera. It is 6 years old and belonged to my departed father-in-law, an ex-professional photographer (Robert Lambert)  who bequeathed it to my daughter. I have the paperwork to support. I can share a couple of photos, but the camera is still at my mother-in-law's house.

The camera comes with a 32GB memory card, a spare battery plus the standard charger. There is a Sony shotgun microphone (not sure model yet but I have photo)

It is all packed in a robust camera rucksack (can't recall brand).

There is also a Manfrotto 546B tripod with head that fits the PMW-EX3 and a Manfrotto controller which connects to the PMW-EX3 to control it.

Also, available a Manfrotto 114MV dolly.

I have a loose idea of what the items are worth based purely on searching for similar used items online.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch and we can either arrange a visit (Guildford, Surrey), or you can specify photos you want to see and I can take them and email to you.