Sony TRV110 or Canon DM-MV10

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I am on the verge of buying one of the above and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to which one I should go for.

The price for the two is pretty similar at the moment (approx £700) and that's about as much as I can afford.

My primary concerns are good AV quality in various light/noise conditions and a decent amount of manual controls.

Has anyone had experience of the two cameras? I would really appreciate opinions on them.



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Hard choice, IMO I would avoid either:
First neither has DV in and as soon as you get involved in DV you will realize that this is essential. In addition neither are likely to be "Cracked" in the short term.

So unless you add later a GV d300 you will not have anyway to edit back in DV mode.

I am not a big fan of digital8. Is is a Sony only format, and is a bit of a compromise. While it might be acceptable for acquistion to really edit it I'd transfer over to DV, again then you can dub audio, and you can get DV in.

The MV10 is now being replaced by the MV20.
Again no DVin, and a like it or hate it physical format. (which canon seems to have abandoned).While it has a SLR type layout, you don't use a camcorder as a SLR you need to be able to hold and steady it and so the Physical shape is a bit limiting.
If I were pushed I'd probably go the the
MV10, but IF you could get a bit more dosh together I'd go for the TRV9, it has been replaced by the TRV900, is single chip. Can be DV enabled (in the non EU version it has Analog in also) It is a bit weak on the audio side with no manual level and the AGC is a bit weak but in my opinion the best of the single chips.
John Ferrick