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Im filming a wedding soon, Im planning on using a sennheiser k6/m66 mic I was planning on mounting this on top of the camra (sony vx1000) and doing the same for the speeches, will this be good enuff?... if not how would I do it? any help would make me happy

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I'd recommend that you don't mount your primary microphone on the camera as this is likely to give poor sound quality, pick up ambient noise, and you'll hear your handling noises too.

What I would do is either use a wireless microphone which can be input to the camera or record the speeches/service by placing a small dictaphone right next to the action, but preferably with a decent microphone attached.

You should also consider using the camera's recorded soundtrack too but you're going to find that most of this is unusable.

The only problem is that you're going to have to lip sync up the speeches. You can get around this to a great extent by having lots of extra shots to 'insert' during the speeches, e.g. people's reactions, filmed at another point. With the service itself unless you use big close ups you probably would get away without much if any syncing.

The trick is to use tricks.

Hope this helps

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I was and still am planning on getting a k6/m66 mic to record this. I have a mini disk and a digital mic for which I trort about using but I wanted every thing on video as it would save me time in the editing stage......

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K6/ME66 is best mounted on camera by using the MZQ6 camera mount and MZS6 shockmount and swapping the tops to make a camera mounted shockmount (and a spare mic. clip).

Off camera is best though.

The Evolution ew101-p (or better ew501-P)system will convert the K6/ME66 to a radio mic.

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