Static on imported sound into projects

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Can anyone please help me, I am using a matrox rtx100 card with adobe prem pro, I am now faced with the most annoying problem, when importing music into my projects, I get what can only be decribed as static interference on play back, the music is fine when i play it on windows media player, but when i import it into premier, i keep getting this crackling static noise on playback



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could be levels or it might be the sound at 32k.

I had trouble with this once and Ringo from DVC sent me a Matrox patch tthat resolved it

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Thanks for input, I know its cheeky, but any chance you can send me the patch, regards Jon

Gavin Gration
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The Matrox RT.X100 card doesn't have any audio processing features at all - it's purely a DVE/encoder device.

All audio is handled by your soundcard.

PremierePro 1/1.5/2.0 resamples incoming audio - hence the conform audio delay. I haven't got access to an edit machine right now but I suspect the problem is either CODEC related or a setting in PPro (but I cannot think of one).

I'm on a PDA and can't remember the exact setting but under sound/audio devices in the start/settings/control panel click hardware then CODECs and make sure that Microsoft PCM is set to the highest priority (top of list).

What can happen is that another audio driver/device can employ a different CODEC which has the ability to play PCM audio OK but only encode it at very low sample rates - hence the reason you get duff resampled audio.

There are other causes of audio glitches - Is all audio affected within PPro or just imported music files? If so are they all MP3 files?

If you have installed any software recently what was it? I can tell you that many of the multi-codec downloads that promise Xvid and all sorts of other stuff can really wreck an edit system.