still pic and prem 5.1

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can any one help?
I need to add sum still pics to a video. however they become warped when I do this, un less I click "matain aspect ratio" what do I need to do to have the pic fill the full sizr of the screen?...
also if I want to zoom into an area and then move around the pic how would I do this using prm 5.1
Ive tryed the zoom function but the pic becomes very streched and blocky... what am I doing rong?....
thanks alot

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If I am interpreting the question correctly you want a full screen image of a jpg, or similar file, but with no distortion. As you have already discovered, maintain aspect ratio will prevent distortion but not fill the screen. The only way to get full screen will be to crop the still image to 4:3. More detailed assistance will be found on the Digital Stills forum. Search back over the past 12 months. Not as bad as it sounds as this is not a very heavily used forum.
Hope this helps.



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