stills from avi in Premiere 6

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anybody know how i can save/export a still image (jpg, bmp, psd)or any format that can be used in Photoshop from some avi footage using Premiere 6.



Mark Jones
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Have the clip in the timeline at the exact spot you wish to grab the frame (try shuttling frowards and backwards a couple of frames to find the best and sharpest spot).

The go to FILE>EXPORT TIMELINE>FRAME and you'll end up with a 720x576 TIFF which can be read by PhotoShop and will retain transparency information if you want to fiddle with it and re-import it. There are options for TARGA, GIF and BITMAP in the SETTINGS button but I'd stick with TIFF, it's larger but altogether better.

When you pull it into PhotoShop go to FILTERS>VIDEO>DE-INTERLACE and see if it cleans up the interlaced 'in-betweenies'.

Hope that helps