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Please Help
I would like to put still images on a video cd to play on a standard DVD player.
The results I've got so far are not good, the picture appears fuzzyand it takes an age to render.
I'm using Premier to create an avi file and then burning it in VCD format using Nero.

Ian Talbot
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I use WinOnCD 3.8 PE to produce all my video CD albums. It's excellent software from Roxio, you can have multiple albums with different backgrounds and music for each album. It also creates a slide show for each album. A review of this software has been in an old copy of Computer Video, not sure which one? Just found it May 2001 page 64.
My DVD player is the Yellow 800.
You can only puchase WinOnCD from Roxio online at
I have noticed recently that WinOnCD 3.8 hasbeen updated to WinOnCD 5 don't no about this version, does anybody else???

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