Stolen from my house August 18/08

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Sony HVR Z1 3ccd lens with wide angle converter and round hood, NP-F970 battery attached, Manfrotto 484RC2 tripod mounting plate still attached, minidv digital tape still in the camera. Believed to be in the Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada area.
here is what it looks like
mic attached without wind sock.

Also taken were 2 other digital cameras,
1 was a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S40 4.1 megapixel digital camera, serial number SO1-7418592-M

1 Canon Black SLR digital Rebel XTi with EF-S 18-55mm lens attached, 8 gig memory card in it, camera serial number 3550544834.

1 Blue 17 inch Toshiba Satellite P-30 laptop taken same day along with some memory cards.

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Welcome to the forum, Inuk. Pity it wasn't a more cheerful post. Hope you have luck in recovering the goods.


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spamming in replies

I'm getting e-mail notifications saying that someone is replying to my thread. I click on the thread location and the reply is not there but a link is posted in the body of the e-mail linking me to a site. I believe that it's a spam link so I'm not clicking on it. I may have to unsubscribe from this thread if it continues but I won't be notified if I do get genuine replies to the thread so I'm hoping that it will stop soon.

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last night, there was a blanket of spam across all forum sections. Pretty much anyone that ever posted a thread will have got two emails last night. It was spam but they seem to have been removed.


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I'm really sorry to hear of the theft. You don't mention the serial no for the Z1, perhaps you can track this down from retailer or you have given this in past to insurance co.?

Hope you can also determine why you were targeted - pure chance etc.