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I video sports and need to include a stopwatch on the tape. Previously I had a gadget that I attached to my camcorder, but it was a bit fiddly and was a pain getting in synch with an Announcers or audio tape playing. For very close finishes the time needs to be taken from Video but this is not very good if I started my clock too early or late. Ideally I need some sort of system that records onto the video tape and has audio output to replace Announcer. Anyone got a few ideas?

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How about separately videoing a stop watch which you set running and continue for a period just in excess of the start to finish time.

If you are using DV or any other time coded tape, it should be simple enough to use picture in picture with the stop watch sychronised to the start and finish.

The start gun could be used as a start marker and the moment of crossing the tape as the marker for freezing the frame of the stopwatch at the finish.

Sound effects could be added in post production too.


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