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Howdy ho gang.

It's been a busy time here at Minty HQ as we launched our new look brand this week.

We also released our latest short film from the wedding of Andrew and Jessica which we shot earlier this year on the island of St Maarten in the Caribbean. An island famous for having one of the scariest airports in the world where the planes come in really low over the beach.

The clip features all our usual tricks, glide track, steadicam but also a new toy. The underwater dslr housing. We knew we were going to get wet and we knew we didn't want to go the gopro route.

Soon we will be releasing an education section on our blog where we will be posting free tutorials and a full breakdown of this clip (lens choice, why grade it one way over another, gear used, challenges, travelling with you gear and getting a full steadicam there safely).

The clip is heavily colour graded but as with all good grading you shouldn't really notice (well, you guys will but it shouldn't hit you in the face).

Enough chat. Here it is...

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Absolutely stunning. I felt I was watching a film production rather than a record of a wedding. The sound was a clear as a bell and the way you captured the nuances of the daughters' characters was great. I think your client will look on this not only as a brilliant record of their big day but also wonderful snapshot of their family at a precise moment in time.

You have demonstrated in a short video how a film can capture feelings in a way stills can rarely do

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Thanks John.

I think the only downside is people will think it took a crew of people but in truth. It was myself and Julie with a couple of DSLR's on a monopod. Thats it. No big rigs (apart from the steadicam on the beach).

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Terrific! Nicely filmed and cut together minty. The super wide shots really show off the ocean footage. You've come a long way in the couple of years you've been doing the weddings and everyone's constructive critisim . . . painful though it may have been, has paid off. Well done!

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Constructive criticism.....WOW!!! :) Seriously good Minty. If you haven't entered it for wedding film of the year yet.......get to it!

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Yep good,

bar a couple of shots (nik picking) nicely done, the beginning and end really strike a chord, well done. Maybe some of the stuff in the middle could go, I know its St Martinez and that horrific airport, does it need mention?

You should be proud